Software Product Development
Cross platform software development
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Our Work 2011
Mobile Sketch in ipad
GIS Plugin, Open source (QGis),
Software Development & Services
Creates building layer with 100k shape files in less than 30 mins.
Sketch verification of 2100 parcel a day per person.
5400 parcel checking a day per person.
The fastest of its kind in the industry.
Arc Gis Extension
We convert / carve out / verify assessor sketches.
More than 200k sketches.
Imagery (c) Google
Apex Sketch Services
Our partner has over 22 years of industry experience and has set the standard in sketching and area calcualtion software. Using this expertise we get contract for paper to digitcal conversion in not only drawing the property but accurately calculating square footage. This service save time and money by letting the professionals complete property drawings for govt/appraisal, insurance companies.
Paper To Digital, Assessor / Appraisor/
Govt Services
We are hiring: 2 years android experience, Cross platform, C++, Java. To apply visit the career page.

Pad app: Released in app store on Nov 23
If you are some one who like to work in challenging environment, have new ideas and would like to see it implemented, self motivation and has the ability to solve problems without any guidance, you are best fit for the job.